NumShirt makes customizable, made-to-order t-shirts with numbers that represent memorable and defining moments of our customers' lives. The thought-out user experince allows users to design and order their t‑shirts in a few fun and simple steps.


Decorel is an online boutique for neat and unique interior graphics to decorate and express working and living spaces. We designed the whole user experience around the Decorel brand, including the web store, collection artwork, packaging, and customer communications.

Drink Junction

Instantly find a real life companion to talk, play, or learn something new. Just post your offer to buy a drink in a local pub or cafe, tell what you'd like to do, and receive connect requests from like-minded people. Or simply look through the list of drink offers in your area to find someone you'd like to connect with.

My Sports Card

How can you help your kid to become a successful athlete? The trick is to keep courage and motivation through the years of hard practices. The "My Sports Card" platform helps you to record the full history of your child's sports development. Memorize each practice and game in a fun and engaging manner. Visualize the effort spent, and never let your kid to give up.


Every day thousands of people break rental agreements and lose money. EscApt is a classified board where tenants who need to escape current apartment lease can urgently find new renters by offering certain benefits for taking over their leases.